Chilln it down

My first and only wort chiller I made from 25' of 3/8" copper tubing. I've been using it forever and it takes an hour+ to get 5 gallons down to pitch temp.
LOL what do you think? This sad little thing has chilled somewhere in the ballpark of 100 batches.
Soooo in doing research for the new brewery, the question is Plate, Counterflow or go with a new Immersion?

Plate chillers: Very efficient but the down side is cleaning and clogging.

Immersion: I decided no on this style because I want something I can mount to the brewstand (compact) and quickly connect hoses too. Size: they are big and bulky. 

Counterflow: Fits the bill. Efficent, hop material can flow through and I can mount it to the stand and quickly connect to the pump. (More on pumps later)

Next question is what is a "convoluted" counterflow chiller?
Here is a link to Z Chillers that explains everything and I shot an email off to find out if they can add a mounting bracket.

I plan on doing 10gal batches so the large chiller should do the trick.

                                           This is just badass! 

Update: Reply from Z Chillers. (1/19/15)

"Hey George,

I my name is Francisco here with Zchillers. I received your online inquiry.
To answer your question, no we do not offer a bracket at this time.
We have been looking into adding that as an option, but we are still in the process of how the bracket would be and what our price would be on that.

I did check out the link you shared with me. We actually have many different bracket configurations here for our HVAC coils, but I would like to see if you could send me a specific bracket configuration of what you would like. I’ve emailed other customers the same request, so that we may look and see how we should design the bracket if we need to redesign.


It was very refreshing to receive a reply so promptly from Francisco. Bracket or not I will be ordering from these guys with that kind of customer service!

The link I attached was a picture of a chiller from Morebeer with a mounting bracket.

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