Knowledge is better brew

Books. Read books. The Internet was pay by the minute so research on the net was out of the question for me. For Christmas Cyndi gave me The Complete Joy of HomebrewingIt was perfect at the time and honestly still is. (side note: I'm trying out the hyper link thing, no cash for clicks, just love)

I also signed up for a subscription to BYO. The guys at the brew shop recomend it over the others because of my "Green Horn" status. Honestly when I started brewing again I renewed, I really like that mag. 

My newest addition to the library is Radical Brewing By Randy Mosher. Foreword by Michael Jackson. Mike's name pops up all the time in home brewing, he's the man.

Sour beers. I'm really liking sours these days and I want to brew some. The next book I want to get is American Sour Beers. After I read it I'll do a tiny review.

Have any recommendations let me know.

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