In the beginning

Back in '98 or so I was over at a friends house and he had a bucket on the floor of his kitchen with this clear plastic thing on top bubbling away. The rest is history as they say.

I ran to my local homebrew supply shop and picked up a starter kit.

I did a few batches in the apartment on the stove and when we purchased a home my set up grew to include a used stainless sink and a propane turkey fryer burner from Harbor Freight.

For the next few years I kept at it brewing extract kits and filling bottles.

Back then kegging looked very cool, expensive and there was no Youtube videos.
Five years later we moved to a new place and the brew gear stayed in boxes for another four years.

The garage is detached from the house and for a while I kept thinking about how to run plumbing out there and set up my sink and get brewing. That never happened. But I did blow the dust of my gear and start brewing again, using the garden hose.

My brew kettle from the start was an old style 1/2 bbl keg I crudely cut the top off and bolted on some handles.

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